How to prevent liquids from freezing using immersion heaters


How to prevent liquids from freezing using immersion heaters

How to prevent liquids from freezing using immersion heaters

Industries whose productions are aqueous or liquid-based like the oil and gas sector, strive to protect their environments from freezing in chilly weather and winter season. This is important to safeguard against the economic risks prevalent concerning seasonal endangerments especially liquid freezing.

What is Freeze Protection or Freeze Control?  

Most industries require production machinery to remain outdoors where it faces exposure to cold temperatures for a long duration. This creates a risk of liquid mediums freezing. Aqueous mediums, like water, tend to freeze at 0 0C and begins to form crystals that can be detrimental to the industrial production process. Industries do have power or heating sources to prevent the freezing of liquids but these are not sufficient to address the freeze control problem. Proper Insulation of water tanks and containers is essential to protect against freezing of liquids.  

Temperatures below 0 0C change oils into solidified wax-like state that gets thicker and harder as the temperature falls. This is especially true for diesel oil, while hydraulic oil and motor oil both have varied freezing temperatures but tend to turn into thick gel-like solids and become less viscous in extremely low temperatures.  

Why is Freeze Protection Required?

In process heating, freeze control is especially required by many industries that have products based on liquid mediums like the oil and gas industry, transportation industry, agriculture and water plants etc. It is essential that they implement techniques for protection against freezing of the aqueous mediums as frozen water tends to crystallize in lower temperatures and is difficult to handle and shift from the reservoir and thus, can badly affect the production process.  

Also, with oils like motor oil and gear oil, that tend to form wax solids from their earlier oil state once they fall below their freezing temperatures, are difficult to move from containers or transport through pipelines. They can also cause pipelines to become congested or clogged, which affect the entire industrial process.  

What are Immersion Heaters?  

An effective way to ensure optimum heat source for the aqueous medium to prevent it from freezing in chilly weather is the use of immersion heaters. Immersion heaters are heating units that they immerse inside a water tank, production equipment, or reservoirs. They heat up liquids in a quick and efficient way.  

Various types of immersion heaters for industrial environments provide direct heating for the aqueous medium to ensure that liquids reach the optimum temperatures quickly. They are a brilliant way to control freezing of liquids and to aid industrial environment with quick heating requirements.

Immersion heaters have low maintenance costs and provide fast heating services, which make them an excellent choice for many chemical, and petroleum based industries. Resistencias TOPE provides an amazing range of Immersion heaters suited for different industrial environments.