Benefits of Immersion Heaters


Benefits of Immersion Heaters

Description of the benefits of using immersion heaters

  • Fast, efficient and maximum heat transfer

  • They are portable and lightweight

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Installation is easy

  • Resistance to moisture and corrosion

  • Provide uniform heat

  • Safe and durable

Installation Types & Applications of Immersion Heaters  

There are various types of Immersion heaters available for all sorts of industrial environment requirements.  

Flanged Immersion heaters are easy to install and monitor, efficient heating solutions with direct-immersion support that are commonly used in many industries based on mediums like water, oil and other aqueous solutions for quick liquid heating. They are easy to install in water tanks and pipelines to provide heat at minimal maintenance costs.  

Circulation heaters are another type of immersion solution that makes use of the flanged heaters to provide heat mostly in pipelines or large vessels for industrial processes. They intake liquid from an inlet, heating them before circulating it to an outlet with the help of a pump.  

Screw Plug Immersion heaters are a great solution for protection against freezing of liquids in smaller reservoirs and containers. They provide quick and energy efficient heating for industrial processes and heat transfer solutions. They are lightweight and easy to install units screwed into reservoirs for quick heating.  

Over the side heaters are a great heating source for multiple compartments and water tanks. These are huge units that heat aqueous solutions in large open tanks and heavy chemical processes.  

Some of the Applications of Immersion Heaters Include:

  • Water heating and freeze control

  • Used in large storage and grease tanks

  • Heating viscous oils and solvents

  • Heating paraffin and salts