Digital control panels in electrical immersion heaters


Digital control panels in electrical immersion heaters

Discover how electric immersion heaters are regulated with digital control panels

In process heating the manufacturing processes and many industrial applications use immersion heaters for a variety of purposes like heating solvents, oil, water, salts, liquefied wax and for preventing fluids from freezing in chilly weather. These immersion heaters can be easily installed in large reservoirs and tanks used to store fluids for use in industrial processes.   The heating element is immersed above the substance to be heated, which provides fast and efficient heat transfer for even heat distribution and rapid heating. These immersion heaters are low cost heating solutions with an electrical power source, which provides a clean and non-hazardous operating environment. Immersion heaters are largely used in industries like petrochemical, oil & gas, food processing and automotive industry.  

Digital Control Panels   

Immersion heaters come in various designs and installation types to cater to the various industrial environments heating requirements. Immersion heaters come equipped with a digital control panel or box that contain the control valves for maintaining temperature and overall functionality of the heating device.   The box can be mounted on the outside wall of the tank or container while the heating element can be immersed inside the tank. The digital control box regulates the desired temperature for the substances in the tank and helps improve the overall performance of the Immersion heater. The control box ensures even heat distribution inside the reservoir and helps to prevent overheating of fluids and any degradation of fluid quality.   Manufacturers of Industrial heating appliances provide customized digital control panels to suit your industrial heating requirement. Installation types and terminal boxes of the digital control panel can be customized depending on the kind of heating device you plan to use and the mounting area of the Immersion heater.