Advantages of using an immersion heater


Advantages of using an immersion heater

Discover the advantages of using an immersion heater

Electrical heating is one of the key procedures used by almost all the process heating industries. The process uses electrical energy to transform it into heat. Out of the many options of electrical heating, as the flanged heater, one of the most efficient and popular ones for refineries is the immersion heater.

An Immersion Heater

Immersion heaters are widely used in industries for heating up liquids, like water and viscous oil in the least possible time. They are easy to maintain and offer wide heating uses. Immersion heaters work by enclosing the liquid into the tank and then inserting the electrical resistance heater within.


An immersion heater is the choice of many industries because of varied reasons. One of the reasons that have made them popular in the recent decade is the rising cost of the fuel that is required in other methods of heating. The processes of electrical heating in the immersion heaters make them one of the most cost efficient heating equipment. Apart from being considerably cheap, the immersion heaters help to keep the environment clean. There are no harmful emissions as a byproduct of the heating process.

The immersion heaters offer wide range of options to maintain the temperature accurately. This adds up to the effectiveness of the heating process required in the industries. The temperature can be easily, yet very precisely be controlled by the operator.

The ingenuous nature of the immersion heaters and the speedy heating process they provide, make them a popular choice of many refineries. From oil refineries to sugar refineries, all of them use immersion heaters for their chemical engineering processes.