Circulation heaters


Circulation heaters

Circulation heater specifications

Circulation heaters are typically used for pressurized process fluids. This type of immersion heater is widely used in various industrial applications, such as oil storage, commercial food equipment, or cooling towers. Circulation heaters performance and efficiency are comparable to industrial heat exchangers as they follow an equivalent heat exchange mechanism. Examples of process fluids include steam, oil, and other pressurized gases. One of the distinct advantages of circulation heaters is that heat loss from the flow during the process is minimized, thus increasing the efficiency of heat transfer.

The Circulation heaters has two nozzles, which are used as fluid inlet and outlet. Inlet and outlet nozzles are guaranteed to be compatible with industry standard piping.

Other product specifications, such as cover material or heater unit length, can also be customized on demand to meet the conditions required for a specific purpose.

This type of immersion heater uses a similar principle to a shell and tube heat exchanger in that the fluids travel around the vessel in a single-pass or multi-pass flow while performing continuous heat transfer with the medium on the side. of the tube. Unlike process heat exchangers, in-line circulation heaters do not require an external medium for service, such as steam or other chemical fluids. An electrical source is the only source required for the immersion heater. During the fluid heating process, process fluids or gases enter the flow heater and the fluid passes through the heating elements and exits the outlet nozzle at the desired preset temperature. In case of the circulation heaters is used for heavy fluids, a circulation pump is used to force the flow flow around the heating elements while maintaining contact with a high and constant heat flow.

To maximize heat transfer efficiency and minimize any unwanted heat loss, TOPE offers custom designs based on our standard models available in our catalog. If you are interested in purchasing an in-line circulation heater, please do not hesitate to contact us for information about our products.