Flanged immersion heaters


Flanged immersion heaters

Short description about flanged immersion heaters

Flanged heaters are used in cases where large volumes of liquid need to be heated to a certain temperature. These resistors need a counter flange on the tank for their installation. With regard to heating and its possible applications, immersion flanged heaters  allow higher powers to be installed than immersion heaters on screw plug.

The flanged heaters are made up of several heating elements welded on a carbon steel or stainless steel flange depending on the medium to be heated and the working temperature. 

The best thing about flanged heaters is that they can be used in multiple industrial processes and as a main component for in line circulation heaters. 

Like  the  immersion heaters on screw plug. , these heaters can also incorporate an automatic operation thermostat or temperature sensors for a more accurate  control of the temperature. 

Be aware that to replace a flange heater  the storage tank must first be drained.