Main advantages of immersion heaters


Main advantages of immersion heaters

Know the main advantages of immersion heaters

A) Durability

Throughout the oil industry, these heaters provide the precise amount of heat needed to facilitate flow through pipes. Once installed, the technological modifications of these heating systems can withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions. In addition, it lasts longer than other similar heating systems.

B) Security

The control device for immersion heaters is connected to the heater in such a way that the control box can be located on an outside wall, which increases safety. If something goes wrong with the controller or heater, this alleviates the need to empty the tank. Electric heating devices have fewer moving parts and as a result do not require as much space.

C) Constant temperatures

The heater can keep the load at a constant temperature, which prevents the oil from rotting. This also prevents carbon build-up on the inner wall which would otherwise disrupt the heat transfer process. It is useful, for example, when experiencing a sharp drop in temperatures, forcing manufacturers to use electrical heating as a method of keeping their applications at acceptable levels.

D) Environmentally Healthy

Comparatively, electric heating systems are carbon-neutral, making them a potentially greener heating option.

E) Noise reduction

With electric heating systems, there is no flame, but the motor and heating components. All of which are significantly quieter than an alternative heating system.

F) Reduced Costs

Electric heaters such as the immersion heater system offer reduced costs. Heating the liquid instead of the air in a given room or space alleviates any waste produced by trying to heat the air around the object. Also, heating fuel for a gas heating system is significantly more expensive than electricity. In some areas, the cost of natural gas can also be higher than electricity. Wood stoves are a popular alternative heating source, yet the repeated maintenance and material costs far outweigh the minimal investment of an immersion heating system.

In general, selecting the proper immersion heating design offers efficient heating capabilities for liquid media, an ideal solution for industrial or residential use.