Molten salt heating modules.


Molten salt heating modules.

Who said crisis?

Like most of the industrial sector, during the great world economic crisis of 2008 we had to renew ourselves. Renew or die! So we decided to use all our experience and knowledge in the manufacture of electric heating elements and apply them in the renewable energy industry (for which we had already manufactured salt heating equipment for many solar thermal plants)
After these 12 years we have carried out a long R&D process that has finally allowed us to participate in the largest concentrated solar energy (CSP) project in the world. For that we have designed and manufactured a multi-MW heating module to heat molten salts.

The objective of these molten salt heaters is to remove NOx from the salts reducing the risk of corrosion in the installation.

The heating module or skid is made up of different flow heaters and control panels, communicated at all times with the plant's DCS, necessary for a precise regulation of the heating process.

The modular design of this component allows it to work in a wide range of temperatures from 280 to 565ºC and to reach values ​​of tens/hundreds of MW in molten salt energy storage projects and Power To Heat projects.

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