Tank immersion heaters


Tank immersion heaters

Tubular heaters over flanges & threaded immersion heaters

The most used equipment in these applications, whether for heating water, oil or different solutions for the industry, are tubular heaters over flanges or threaded immersion heaters. In the case of the latter, due to its size and versatility, we have many models in stock, from 1” thread to 2-1/2” thread, with 316SS, 321SS or copper depending on the application, with different powers, measures and loads (W / cm²) Check out stock here. They can also be custome made manufacture with different tubes if the heater works in corrosive liquids or the tube has to be treated for any special regulation.

Reagarding the heaters over flange, they are manufactured exclusively on request and can be manufactured with several stages and with boxes of different degrees of protection. These tank heaters are prepared to work at different types of pressure and are designed to heat large volumes of liquid or gas as well as circulating fluids. Due to all these variants, we recomend you to contact our technical department first i order to be able to advise you about the most suitable type of heaters for your application able covers all your needs.

Both types of heaters can be manufactured with ATEX certificate for hazardous areas with danger of fire or explosion.