Cleaning ensures a good performance of the electrical heaters


Cleaning ensures a good performance of the electrical heaters

Periodic maintenance and cleaning extend the life of our heatings elements and our heating equipment.

Everyone knows the problems  that dirt causes on the electrical heaters, either in the form of lime or other waste. Since we were very young we grew up with TV ads of cleaning products that assured us a long life for our washing machines. In the case of electrical heating equipment for the industry, happens the same way, the lime of the water or other impurities of the liquid to be heated can lead to problems of dissipation, not reaching the desired temperature and forcing  the heating elements and increasing the corrosion of the electrical heaters. If the maintenance is low, it can even burn the resistance causing unexpected production stops and serious problems.

To avoid this, maintenance and periodic cleaning of electrical heating equipment is essential. From Resistencias Tope we recommend the use of cleaning and / or decalcification agents that are free of chloride and approved for the respective materials. Chlorine-containing cleaners extremely damage the heating surfaces increasing the corrosion of the tube. In many cases also a mechanical cleaning is needed, a single bath in these cleaning agents, does not suppose a sufficiently efficient corrective action.

From Resistencias Tope we help you design and dimension your most appropriate heating equipment according to your application. With this, the proper maintenance and periodic cleaning will ensure that your immersion heaters and your circulation heaters have a high efficiency and a long life that will allow you to save on production costs.