Resistencias Tope at Iran Oil Show


Resistencias Tope at Iran Oil Show

Resistencias Tope at the International Oil & Gas fair Iran Oil Show, one more year.

From May 1st. to 4th  Resistencias Tope has exhibited with its distributor Ista Oil in Iran at  Iran Oil Show that took place in Tehran. There we had the opportunity, once again, to show our equipment for the energy sector. Basically large ATEX flange equipment with heaters immersion heaters in oil, crude oil or gas in hazardous areas cataloged with risk of explosion.

The most common applications for this type of equipment, besides the heating of fluids such as water, oil or fuel oil, are designed for gas heating, for example the dry gas seal.

The Iran Oil Show is one of the most important annual international events for the number of participants and its diversity. This offers us a good chance for mutual cooperation and constant R & D within our sector.