Kathu Solar Park accomplished first synchronization


Kathu Solar Park accomplished first synchronization

We are glad that the Kathu Solar Park solar power plant, in which Tope Resistencias has participated, will start working soon.

According to sources from SENER, the engineering and technology group SENER and ACCIONA Industrial have achieved a milestone in the construction project of Kathu Solar Park, where RESISTENCIAS TOPE has participated with our heating equipments for molten salts, and has successfully completed the synchronization of the central, which managed to generate electricity and transfer it to the national network.

CSP central Kathu Solar Park, which will provide clean and reliable energy  to 179,000 homes (estimated by the South African energy department DoE), will start operating commercially soon and is equipped with a molten salt storage system, where our equipments work, which will allow the plant to continue producing electricity for 4.5 hours in the absence of solar radiation and can guarantee the generation of manageable energy to meet the demand of the network.

With this project, Resistencias Tope heating equipments demonstrate, once more, the quality and confidence that they offer in very diverse sectors. In fact, the sector of renewable energies is a sector in which Resistencias Tope has a lot of experience due to the always successful participation in about thirty similar projects.

(picture of SENER)
If you want to know more:http://www.ingenieriayconstruccion.sener/notas-prensa/sener-kathu-solar-park-completa-sincronizacion-sudafrica