Types of thermal insulation for electrical heaters


Types of thermal insulation for electrical heaters

A good thermal insulation guarantees a good performance of our electrical heaters.

For the best performance of our boilers and industrial heating equipment, we usually cover many of them with a specific thermal insulation in order to increase the performance of our equipment, reduce the energy waste and avoid heat losses.

The industrial thermal insulation is a technique that consists to apply specific insulators with the aim of reduce as most as possible heat losses that would harm the correct development of the industrial process of our equipment, also guarantees a smoother working of our electrical heaters and  increases their useful life.

The industrial insulation provides an important saving of the company's energy consumption, which will ultimately result in a significant economic savings and, of course, a more responsible attitude and commitment with the environment.

The main function of the insulation is to make difficult the thermal transfers between different points of an installation, therefore it also improves the security and protection of the staff avoiding possible accidents.

In the picture attached we can see two types of thermal insulations, one in a finished air duct heater and the other over a circulation heater still in construction, on which another metallic layer is placed.