Skid Heaters

Custom manufacturing of electric process heater, skid heater, to meet our customers specific requirements.


Resistencias Tope designs and manufactures electric process heaters, skid mounted circulation heaters, which can be engineered to meet our customers specific requirements including: electric heater process, flow measurement, flow control valves, thyrystore/contactor control system, temperature measurment, instrumentation, pressuremeasurement instrumentation, start up and commissioning are available.


Vessel: Carbon steel, AISI 304, AISI 316
Heating element:Plated copper, AISI 304 or 316,

Technical Data

Manufactured in differents dimensions and shapes,  voltages & watts as required (we can reach values ​​of tens/hundreds of MW). Delivered prewired for an easy installation. Suitable for outdoor application through IP protection box and good thermal insulation. The control panel can be supplied seperately.


Heating of natural gas, clean water, freeze protection, cooling towers, steam boilers, mildly corrosive solutions (in rinse tanks, spray washers), oils, hight temperature, low flow gas, process water, food equipment, etc.

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