Quality Policy

The Management of RESISTENCIAS TOPE, S.A. declares that as strategic focus its main objective is to be a reference company in design, manufacturing and marketing of heating systems with electrical heaters and marketing control systems: control devices and thermocouples, provide products that meet the customer expectations, complying with their requirements explicitly or implicitly expressed, with a competitive price in order to obtain profits that ensure the permanence of the company in the market.

The Management also states that Quality System effectiveness should continually be improved.

For this, it establishes the following guidelines, which set up the Quality Policy principles:

  • The customer is RESISTENCIAS TOPE, S.A. reason for being; to know their requirements and meet them; any problem should also be predicted, even before they know it; anticipating a solution is part of our commitments.
  • The correction of defects is necessary when they occur, but the most important thing is to avoid them, and this must be the approach of all RESISTENCIAS TOPE, S.A. staff.
  • RESISTENCIAS TOPE, S.A. suppliers are a key part of its activities and their cooperation is essential to achieving the business objectives.
  • Training of company personnel is primary because on one side, their technical and professional abilities should constantly be improved and on the other, they must be mentally prepared to assume the Company Objectives and Quality Policy as if they were their own.
  • Product quality is a result of the quality of the activities of the company organization, extending to all its departments and levels.