Quality Policy & Environmental Management

The Management of RESISTENCIAS TOPE, S.A. declares that as strategic focus its main objective is to be a reference company in design, manufacturing and marketing of heating systems with electrical heaters and marketing control systems: control devices and thermocouples, provide products that meet the customer expectations, complying with their requirements explicitly or implicitly expressed, with a competitive price in order to obtain profits that ensure the permanence of the company in the market.

The Management also states that Quality System effectiveness and the Environmental management should continually be improved.

For this, it establishes the following guidelines, which set up the Quality Policy and SIG principles:

  • The customers is the reason for being of RESISTENCIAS TOPE, S.A., their needs must be known and they must be met. Their problems must also be predicted, even before they do it themselves, and anticipating their solutions is part of our obligations.
  • The correction of defects is necessary when they occur, but the fundamental thing is to prevent their emergence, and this should be the tendency of all employee of RESISTENCIAS TOPE, S.A.
  • The suppliers, and other interested parties, of RESISTENCIAS TOPE, S.A. They are a fundamental part of their activities and their collaboration is essential to achieve our business objectives.
  • The training of the company's staff is essential, since on the one hand its technical and professional training must be constantly improved and on the other it must be mentalized so that it assumes as its own the objectives of the Company and its Quality Policy and Environmental Management.
  • The quality of the product is a consequence of the quality of the activities of the organization of the company, extending to all its departments and levels.
  • Apply processes that reduce the environmental impact on our activity and evaluate in advance the environmental impact of new activities or services.
  • Acquire the commitment to protect the environment, including pollution prevention and reduction of waste production to conserve resources.
  • Promote the rational use of natural resources and a clear awareness of favoring our environment, not only through our work, but also involving all our suppliers, customers and other interested parties.