PTH, Power to heat

PTH is an alternative that exploits the excesses of electricity that come from renewable sources.


PTH is an alternative that exploits the excesses of electricity that come from renewable sources, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and reducing emissions. In this way the surplus energy can be transformed into heat that is stored to be used in moments of need.
Resistencias Tope designs and manufactures equipment for this purpose, the main power source are local heating networks but these systems can also be installed in buildings or provide heat for industrial installations furthermore power to heat technologie is an important contribution to the stability of the Net (50Hz) in strongly fluctuating renewable energies, in particular wind and photovaltics.

 General features:

  • Electric flow heaters
  • Tube radiator (dive plunger)
  • Capacities from 50 kW to 15 MW
  • Electrical connection 230 to 690 V
  • Pressures up to 50 bar

An electric circulation heater consists of a flow pipe or pressure housing and the actual heater bundle. The heater bundle is formed by a connection box, heating elements according specific characteristics power, tension, material, watt density, flange or screw plug and thermocouple(s). The heating bundle is located in the steel pressure housing. The housing is includes inlet and outlet connections. Inside, an optimum heat transfer from the heating element occurs through the water flowing or to other heat transfer fluids or gases.

The complete wiring is located in the connection housing, which is installed with a sufficient cooling zone directly in front of the flange. Due to the closed system, the flow heaters can be installed at any point.
Circulation heaters can be manufactures in horizontal and vertical versions, depending on the available space. For high heating capacities, the modular design makes it possible to produce electric heaters with outputs of up to 2 MW. Complete solutions with temperature control.

* Circulating pump and separate control cabinet are also available.

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