Valve bonnet electric heaters

Valve bonnet electric heaers


Application:  Valve electric heat tracing

Manufactured with highly resistive to corrosion Incoloy 800 sheath, magnesium Oxide (MgO) Insulation and NiCr wire.

  • Ø 8mm maximum length 7,2m
  • Ø 10mm maximum length 7,2m
  • Ø 13,3mm maximum length 8,5m
  • Maximum exposure temperature (switched off) : 950°c
  • Maximum continuous exposure temperature (energized): 500°c
  • Ambient conditions: -60° / + 60 °c
  • Power supply: up to 690V

Allowing higher Watt density than mineral Insulated cable our customized heaters are manufactured with values from 250W/m to 600W/m.              

Heaters are supplied already shaped for an easy assembly to the valve on field.


  • UL certified
  • UL Class I certified for Hazardous areas

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