Drums heating cabinets

Storage drums heating cabinets


Custom manufacturing of drums cabinets even with ATEX certificate.

With capacities from 4 to 48 drums of 200 liters or from 1 to 12 IBC tanks.

Temperature from +5° C to +150° C

These heating storage cabinets are characterized by their high thermal insulation, efficient internal circulation of the closed circuit, minimization of thermal bridges and heat loss due to the complete separation between the outside and inside of the hot cabinet, all this combined with the precise control of the temperature results in a lower demand for the heating power comsumption. 

All the heating cabinets are equipped with:

• front control panel with digital temperature controller to facilitate access to basic safety measures and regulation

• digital temperature limiter

• Anti-lock system (doors can be opened from inside)

• Electric fan overload alarm.

• Proximity sensor to switch off the heating when the doors are open.

• stainless steel exterior

• Internal volume washing system: available in manual or automatic operation.

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