Cast-in heaters aluminium, brass or bronze

These heaters have the advantage of the high thermal conductivity of the aluminium that allows a quick heat transfer at the same time that allows a good thermal uniformity in the distribution of temperature. Therefore that reduces the surface charge and increases the longevity of the heater.

Resistencias Tope uses a special aluminium alloy with a high fluidity, avoiding the formation of air pockets and a finishing without roghness.

In addition to aluminium, another materials can be used, for instance: bronze that guarantees a higher temperature and  offers a greater resistance to contaminants.


Steel, stainless steel, aluminio, bronze, brass

Technical Data

Special voltage, watts, dimensions and shapes manufactured on request.


Plastics extruders, barrels, injection,moulding, dies, dies heads of extruders, blow moulding equipment, etc..

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